Love Of The Art

America loves art, and it’s been like that for a very long time now because for as long as America has been a country and even before when it was just the colonies there were artists coming to this country so that they could more easily express themselves and be free from the European or Asian worlds and see the adventure of the new world. I think a lot of great writers especially have always come to the United States in order to have adventure in a country like this. There definitely are an endless amount of stories that can happen in the confines of this great country, but for the most part a lot of America’s best writers have come from a different time period when literature and novels were more widely accepted amongst the general public and within the literary industry in general.

There obviously are great works of art that have come in the form of books from all types of genres and have changed the entire world for the better, and some have changed the world for the worse. Authors of all types flood in the United States for the freedom of speech and expression that you can have within this country, and when it comes to literary art you really can be uncensored for a lot of different things because that is exactly what makes books such good storytelling techniques. It’s not like a movie where you are limited completely to so many different angles and lengths and other limitations that simply aren’t within the rules of writing a novel or a book of non-fiction persuasion. Well, then of course there are the great American writers of the 20th century that bended the rules a little bit when it comes to fiction and non-fiction, and even completely told the truth about what happened to them and their lives but created different characters to replace themselves and their friends so that they could lay low in the background behind the veil of ignorance and fiction. After all inspiration hits everyone in different ways, but the main ways in which inspiration hits all of us is through the conscious realm of reality in which our personal experiences are dictating who we become, and so it really is always through a non-fictional real life experience that we will get inspired, but maybe we’ll be inspired to make something completely up that never ever happened in a million years, but it still was a result of the mundane and conscious life. 

One of the very best American writers the meddle with the concepts of fiction and non-fiction was the great Dr. Hunter S. Thompson. Thompson is credited for creating an entirely new genre of literature all on his own back in the 1960s with his book on the Hell’s Angels motorcycle gang and his very famous Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. The thing about Thompson was that he was a journalist and that pretty much all of his books sprout from what he did as a professional journalist, but it goes into such deep, insightful depth that you are really seeing his world through his eyes and just along for the ride that is Hunter’s life. Whether it was his story about being a young man working at a newspaper in Puerto Rico through The Rum Diary, or his awesome adventures working as a political reporter for Rolling Stone in On The Campaign Trail 1972 or even just his personal letters to all of his best friends and colleagues you will see that Thompson was a brilliant writer who was able to take people on mind coasters into his own consciousness and then spew everything on his mind out in a funny, chaotic form of writing that would suck you in and make you want to chug margaritas by the end of the next chapter.

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