Writing is something that a lot of people all over the world appreciate a lot, but what is so strange is that in the United States, where some of the best writing the world has ever known has come from, the culture doesn’t necessarily appreciate good writing anymore. It’s partly because Americans live pretty lavish lifestyles on their cell phones and laptops and with their extremely large home television sets that it makes reading a book seem, well, pretty boring. Of course that is for the majority of Americans who barely ever read books, and let’s be honest, for some people who read books and for those who don’t read books there is a huge difference in cranial capacity and the way a person really thinks about the world and how intelligent that person is.

If you don’t read books or great works of literature you’re going to miss out on so much that the world can teach you, and that’s because great writers can teach you things about the world and the ways in which you should go about living your life. Of course not everyone is destined to live the life of many writers, and for the most part almost no one could ever go about living the lifestyle that Jack Kerouac lived back in his hay day during the 1940s, 50s and 60s. Yeah, maybe some other writers have done something similar to Kerouac, but he is the truest original gangster of the game when it comes to writing stories about real life adventures that happened to you, and doing so by travelling all around the United States from place to place, essentially being a homeless wanderer, and coming up with some of the best prose the world has ever known.

Because Jack Kerouac really is one of the best writers the world has ever known, and it’s because he has the ability to convey what he learns about the world through his own personal experiences and placing it in a relative, funny and intuitive way that connects with all of us. That’s exactly what is so cool about Kerouac, and maybe you don’t necessarily connect with him and his vagabond lifestyle, but you still think it seems pretty fun because he reels you in and makes you want to know about the next adventure or the next character to come in and change everything, because a lot of times that is how life works. People come and go and people go different places and they meet different people and all the different people that we meet make huge differences in our lives. 

Now, let’s be clear for a minute about Jack Kerouac and his famous book On The Road. It is a fictional story but it is based off of Jack’s life as he travels all over the place with the character Dean who is based off of the real life American legend Neal Cassidy. Kerouac traveled all over the place with Cassidy, and that’s probably because Kerouac saw so much potential in this man who was completely bat shit crazy but probably one of the most brilliant Americans to ever live. Sometimes that’s all that it takes in this world, inspiration from others in your life, and that’s what Jack saw in Neal, and that’s what all of us sometimes see in each other. So go ahead read On the Road, read Dharma Bums and start to understand that Kerouac found some serious peace out on the road living a lifestyle that a lot of us would despise. And also take into consideration what an all around incredible person Jack Kerouac was, and his writing will make you really wonder how much is possible in this world, and that in itself is more valuable than anything else another writer could provide.

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