Best American Authors

Best American authors of 20th Century

We all know that when it comes to literature there really is so much that we can choose from, especially as Americans because there is endless amounts of English language novels that have come out for centuries, and some of the best novels ever written were originally written in the English language, and that is very special and unique for American and British culture. There really is no denying that the United States and Great Britain have been able to produce some of the best artists the world has ever known in so many different aspects of art, and in terms of authors and great literature the Americans of the 20th century definitely are some of the best to have ever created fictional literature. There’s something about the novel that really makes everything American and makes people feel like there is something bigger going on in the world that can not be explained through non-fiction storytelling. When we dive into fiction as a reader we really are going into a whole new world, but it is all going on within the confines of our own minds, but at the same time the reader’s mind is being connected to the writer’s mind, and that connection is very unique to all forms of art because it is not visual or auditory like movies and music, it is solely mental, and I think a lot of people sometimes forget about how special this type of artistic connection really is.


But of course the United States has a lot of people who genuinely appreciate literature and love to read great writers all of the time, and for those people who really do like to read and have great novels on their minds more than the television sets in their homes then you have come to the right place on the internet because this entire website and list of articles is solely dedicated to the best American authors of the 20th century and we are going to talk about what has made these authors so iconic and why their stories are so great to so many different people and have overcome the critical process that all pieces of great literature must go through in order to have been decided upon to be a classic story like so many of the stories we are going to talk about have become.


So for our very first great American author we are going to talk about the person who arguably created the great American novel that will always be remembered and revered among our culture for as long as there is an American culture, and that story is The Great Gatsby. There’s something about this story that connects with all Americans because it shows a time period in our country when the American Dream was so strong and people were doing illegal things and going far distances just to make it big in period when making money was finally really possible for a lot of people. It also is obviously a very interesting love story that everyone can connect to, and especially the idea of the one who got away. Everyone has a man or woman who got away from them at some point in their lives, and a lot of people who lost someone in a similar way to Gatsby understand that looking back into the past is really tough and wanting to go back to the way things were is something that motivates millions. Of course the writer who wrote The Great Gatsby is F. Scott Fitzgerald, and he really was an interesting individual who wrote a lot of great stories and had this unbelievable ability to write so poetically and with such vigor that it would captivate a reader very easily. He also died before he could see Gatsby turn into the classic that it is today.











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