American Writers

American writers have always been revered as some of the best writers to ever walk the face of the earth, and of course now that we live in an age of digital media and all forms of technology that has completely decimated the average person’s memory span and mental capacity we aren’t seeing as many great American writers to come out and become great voices of our generation because for the most part the voices of the younger generations are more involved wit the music industry and other forms of visual art, which is perfectly fine because that’s just how things trend in art and it’s important to give audiences what they enjoy. What’s sad is that the general American audience used to really enjoy reading great books, and I mean a lot of people would purchase and read books all of the time as one of their main forms of entertainment and leisure. That doesn’t seem like the same kind of thing that happens to people anymore, and I think that’s partly because people today will go to their phones and other Internet types of technology when they are bored as opposed to reading books when they’re bored. But of course there still is an audience for fiction and to a certain regard that audience is willing to read books that have gotten critical acclaim and have been known as some of the most important books of all-time, because books last forever and some never go out of style because they are absolutely timeless, and they’re timeless for very good reasons.

It’s describing these reasons as to how great American writers of the 20th century were able to captivate their audiences that pertains to all of this website and this list of intricate articles about the literature world in the United States last century, and of course now that we live in a different age of media and entertainment we have to understand that when it comes down to the types of books that everyone still enjoys they are mostly from another age of time. What we are going to do with this article is dissect and talk about one of America’s most revered and talented writers that it has ever had the gift to say this man came from here. We’re talking about a literary genius whose imagination was absolutely endless and a writer who was endless in the amount of words and humor that he could possibly put on each and every page of artwork. We’re talking about Kurt Vonnegut, and if you don’t know that name in American history then you probably don’t read too many books. 

Vonnegut was known for some of the best American novels, and non-fiction based novels the country has ever had, and although he did get a lot of acclaim and fame through his stories, the funny thing about him is that his language and profanity, and absolutely cruel imagination is what made him less of a household name, but more of a literary super star. He is brash, he doesn’t really care what you think about him or any of the characters that he ever invented although everyone loves his characters for being the sick and twisted types of individuals that interest and peak our imaginations the most in a Freud-like way. 

With some of his great pieces of work being Slaughterhouse-Five, a story about his time during World War II, Cat’s Cradle, a story about made up chemicals of destruction called ice-nine that alluded to a lot of what was going on during the Cold War, and Breakfast of Champions, the story of a neurotic car salesman and even nuttier writer in a small town in Ohio which was created into a film starring Bruce Willis, you can definitely tell that this man has done so much for our culture and has definitely epitomized what it means to be a great American writer of the 20th century.

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