20th Century Writers

When it comes to the best writers in the world I think we could go a bunch of different directions, but I think first and foremost it is kind of important for us to talk about the art of literature and why it has continued to change a bunch in recent years, and of course as many people now know books are not necessarily flying off shelves any more at least not as much as they used to, so it is definitely really great to see that there still are a bunch of really talented writers out in the world doing their thing and consistently publishing content and fictional books that keeps the culture churning and changing and of course exciting and entertaining all of us to an impeccable degree.

All of the writers that we could talk about could be dead by now if we were going to talk about the world’s best writers of all time, and I think for the most part the 20th century was pretty much the last century of really talented writers being a major part of American and global culture, but of course now there are still a bunch of really talented writers that are going to continue to get a lot of publicity and other forms of recognition because they definitely deserve every minute of their recognition, especially in today’s times when it is hard to get major publishers to jump in on a book, but of course when it comes to all the people that we are going to talk about we are definitely going to be concerning certain authors and writers who have made a name for themselves and don’t have any trouble publishing really any of their writing in general.

But that of course is why they are considered the world’s best writers, and for the most part we are going to primarily concentrate on the writers in the world that are still alive and the works that they have created over the years and what could soon be coming out to the public and I think that overall we will be able to learn a lot not only about the writers and authors as people in general but also about the types of literary art that are continually selling to large audiences and what books and authors have been able to get over the hump that all writers must face and that will in turn inspire a bunch of other writers in the process.

I think that for the most part this article is meant to not only inform you the readers about some of the best writers in the world today and all of their illustrious career achievements, but it is also meant to inspire other writers who are maybe just getting started with their careers or are trying to really get their careers to the next level, and this is really important to us because even if a bunch of people even in the literary industry think that writers and books are going to be less and less hot of commodities in the future I still think that a lot of writers can get inspired by some of these writers who have made great livings for themselves and that is what it is all about and of course leaving a legacy behind that you can be proud of, which is what all of the best writers in the world have done and what we are about to talk about right now.


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Love Of The Art

America loves art, and it’s been like that for a very long time now because for as long as America has been a country and even before when it was just the colonies there were artists coming to this country so that they could more easily express themselves and be free from the European or Asian worlds and see the adventure of the new world. I think a lot of great writers especially have always come to the United States in order to have adventure in a country like this. There definitely are an endless amount of stories that can happen in the confines of this great country, but for the most part a lot of America’s best writers have come from a different time period when literature and novels were more widely accepted amongst the general public and within the literary industry in general.

There obviously are great works of art that have come in the form of books from all types of genres and have changed the entire world for the better, and some have changed the world for the worse. Authors of all types flood in the United States for the freedom of speech and expression that you can have within this country, and when it comes to literary art you really can be uncensored for a lot of different things because that is exactly what makes books such good storytelling techniques. It’s not like a movie where you are limited completely to so many different angles and lengths and other limitations that simply aren’t within the rules of writing a novel or a book of non-fiction persuasion. Well, then of course there are the great American writers of the 20th century that bended the rules a little bit when it comes to fiction and non-fiction, and even completely told the truth about what happened to them and their lives but created different characters to replace themselves and their friends so that they could lay low in the background behind the veil of ignorance and fiction. After all inspiration hits everyone in different ways, but the main ways in which inspiration hits all of us is through the conscious realm of reality in which our personal experiences are dictating who we become, and so it really is always through a non-fictional real life experience that we will get inspired, but maybe we’ll be inspired to make something completely up that never ever happened in a million years, but it still was a result of the mundane and conscious life. 

One of the very best American writers the meddle with the concepts of fiction and non-fiction was the great Dr. Hunter S. Thompson. Thompson is credited for creating an entirely new genre of literature all on his own back in the 1960s with his book on the Hell’s Angels motorcycle gang and his very famous Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. The thing about Thompson was that he was a journalist and that pretty much all of his books sprout from what he did as a professional journalist, but it goes into such deep, insightful depth that you are really seeing his world through his eyes and just along for the ride that is Hunter’s life. Whether it was his story about being a young man working at a newspaper in Puerto Rico through The Rum Diary, or his awesome adventures working as a political reporter for Rolling Stone in On The Campaign Trail 1972 or even just his personal letters to all of his best friends and colleagues you will see that Thompson was a brilliant writer who was able to take people on mind coasters into his own consciousness and then spew everything on his mind out in a funny, chaotic form of writing that would suck you in and make you want to chug margaritas by the end of the next chapter.

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Writing is something that a lot of people all over the world appreciate a lot, but what is so strange is that in the United States, where some of the best writing the world has ever known has come from, the culture doesn’t necessarily appreciate good writing anymore. It’s partly because Americans live pretty lavish lifestyles on their cell phones and laptops and with their extremely large home television sets that it makes reading a book seem, well, pretty boring. Of course that is for the majority of Americans who barely ever read books, and let’s be honest, for some people who read books and for those who don’t read books there is a huge difference in cranial capacity and the way a person really thinks about the world and how intelligent that person is.

If you don’t read books or great works of literature you’re going to miss out on so much that the world can teach you, and that’s because great writers can teach you things about the world and the ways in which you should go about living your life. Of course not everyone is destined to live the life of many writers, and for the most part almost no one could ever go about living the lifestyle that Jack Kerouac lived back in his hay day during the 1940s, 50s and 60s. Yeah, maybe some other writers have done something similar to Kerouac, but he is the truest original gangster of the game when it comes to writing stories about real life adventures that happened to you, and doing so by travelling all around the United States from place to place, essentially being a homeless wanderer, and coming up with some of the best prose the world has ever known.

Because Jack Kerouac really is one of the best writers the world has ever known, and it’s because he has the ability to convey what he learns about the world through his own personal experiences and placing it in a relative, funny and intuitive way that connects with all of us. That’s exactly what is so cool about Kerouac, and maybe you don’t necessarily connect with him and his vagabond lifestyle, but you still think it seems pretty fun because he reels you in and makes you want to know about the next adventure or the next character to come in and change everything, because a lot of times that is how life works. People come and go and people go different places and they meet different people and all the different people that we meet make huge differences in our lives. 

Now, let’s be clear for a minute about Jack Kerouac and his famous book On The Road. It is a fictional story but it is based off of Jack’s life as he travels all over the place with the character Dean who is based off of the real life American legend Neal Cassidy. Kerouac traveled all over the place with Cassidy, and that’s probably because Kerouac saw so much potential in this man who was completely bat shit crazy but probably one of the most brilliant Americans to ever live. Sometimes that’s all that it takes in this world, inspiration from others in your life, and that’s what Jack saw in Neal, and that’s what all of us sometimes see in each other. So go ahead read On the Road, read Dharma Bums and start to understand that Kerouac found some serious peace out on the road living a lifestyle that a lot of us would despise. And also take into consideration what an all around incredible person Jack Kerouac was, and his writing will make you really wonder how much is possible in this world, and that in itself is more valuable than anything else another writer could provide.

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American Writers

American writers have always been revered as some of the best writers to ever walk the face of the earth, and of course now that we live in an age of digital media and all forms of technology that has completely decimated the average person’s memory span and mental capacity we aren’t seeing as many great American writers to come out and become great voices of our generation because for the most part the voices of the younger generations are more involved wit the music industry and other forms of visual art, which is perfectly fine because that’s just how things trend in art and it’s important to give audiences what they enjoy. What’s sad is that the general American audience used to really enjoy reading great books, and I mean a lot of people would purchase and read books all of the time as one of their main forms of entertainment and leisure. That doesn’t seem like the same kind of thing that happens to people anymore, and I think that’s partly because people today will go to their phones and other Internet types of technology when they are bored as opposed to reading books when they’re bored. But of course there still is an audience for fiction and to a certain regard that audience is willing to read books that have gotten critical acclaim and have been known as some of the most important books of all-time, because books last forever and some never go out of style because they are absolutely timeless, and they’re timeless for very good reasons.

It’s describing these reasons as to how great American writers of the 20th century were able to captivate their audiences that pertains to all of this website and this list of intricate articles about the literature world in the United States last century, and of course now that we live in a different age of media and entertainment we have to understand that when it comes down to the types of books that everyone still enjoys they are mostly from another age of time. What we are going to do with this article is dissect and talk about one of America’s most revered and talented writers that it has ever had the gift to say this man came from here. We’re talking about a literary genius whose imagination was absolutely endless and a writer who was endless in the amount of words and humor that he could possibly put on each and every page of artwork. We’re talking about Kurt Vonnegut, and if you don’t know that name in American history then you probably don’t read too many books. 

Vonnegut was known for some of the best American novels, and non-fiction based novels the country has ever had, and although he did get a lot of acclaim and fame through his stories, the funny thing about him is that his language and profanity, and absolutely cruel imagination is what made him less of a household name, but more of a literary super star. He is brash, he doesn’t really care what you think about him or any of the characters that he ever invented although everyone loves his characters for being the sick and twisted types of individuals that interest and peak our imaginations the most in a Freud-like way. 

With some of his great pieces of work being Slaughterhouse-Five, a story about his time during World War II, Cat’s Cradle, a story about made up chemicals of destruction called ice-nine that alluded to a lot of what was going on during the Cold War, and Breakfast of Champions, the story of a neurotic car salesman and even nuttier writer in a small town in Ohio which was created into a film starring Bruce Willis, you can definitely tell that this man has done so much for our culture and has definitely epitomized what it means to be a great American writer of the 20th century.

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20th Century Great Writing

When it comes to great writing in the 20th century we have to consider all of the great pieces of fiction that completely changed our entire American culture, and the truth is that there is a ton of different stories that really made their mark on our culture, and for a lot of high schools all across the country there are specific stories of American culture that every student reads at an early age. This is really good for all high school students to know about some of these stories because when it comes down to it we all know that some of the great stories of the 20th century really shaped the country that we currently live in today. Our culture is constantly being shaped through various art forms, and when it comes to the type of art that is the most effective of altering someone’s mind and changing the type of person someone is from a mental level then there is only one true art form that can seriously make a difference from a mental and chemical level, and that is literature. Writing and great writers have been able to do a lot in terms of how they go about expressing themselves and getting their readers to truly be engaged in stories and the characters that they have created. Of course we always try to really go into great details into analyzing some of these great literary masterpieces because that is what a lot of scholars and students do to learn about what makes great art so inspirational and worth discussion. And I think that this is one of the main goals of all art, and that is to get people talking and start a dialogue that can really make a big difference in the world in general, and we’ve seen looking back in history that some of the best art ever produced created huge debates and started gigantic conversations that potentially had huge impacts on who we are as a collective people. 

So if you are the type of person who is genuinely interested in art and of course literary art then you have come to a good spot on the internet because this entire website is all about the best authors of the 20th century and the works that they are all known for and why these novels made such a big difference on our culture.

The next book that we are going to talk about is The Catcher in the Rye, which was written by J.D. Salinger way back in 1951 in a time period where the beatniks and other revolutionary people were just starting to question the status quo of the American culture and start to revolt before the 1960s cultural revolution that took place in America. That’s part of what makes Catcher such a memorable piece of literature, because it completely changed the idea of what a novel can do and it was so provocative for its time back in the early 50s and it really pissed off a lot of people, especially the establishment, who wanted people to think that everything in America was all peaches and pie like that time is known for, but of course J.D. Salinger had a different perspective, and he created a character who really emulated the entire youth culture of the time through Holden Caulfield. It’s through this story that a ton of different debates and problems started, and for a certain amount of time The Catcher in the Rye was banned from a lot of areas of the country because it was too explicit and far beyond its time, and that’s just part of what makes it the type of story that every high school student in America is required to read around the age of 16, because it literally started the whole concept of a coming of age story.

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Best American Authors

Best American authors of 20th Century

We all know that when it comes to literature there really is so much that we can choose from, especially as Americans because there is endless amounts of English language novels that have come out for centuries, and some of the best novels ever written were originally written in the English language, and that is very special and unique for American and British culture. There really is no denying that the United States and Great Britain have been able to produce some of the best artists the world has ever known in so many different aspects of art, and in terms of authors and great literature the Americans of the 20th century definitely are some of the best to have ever created fictional literature. There’s something about the novel that really makes everything American and makes people feel like there is something bigger going on in the world that can not be explained through non-fiction storytelling. When we dive into fiction as a reader we really are going into a whole new world, but it is all going on within the confines of our own minds, but at the same time the reader’s mind is being connected to the writer’s mind, and that connection is very unique to all forms of art because it is not visual or auditory like movies and music, it is solely mental, and I think a lot of people sometimes forget about how special this type of artistic connection really is.


But of course the United States has a lot of people who genuinely appreciate literature and love to read great writers all of the time, and for those people who really do like to read and have great novels on their minds more than the television sets in their homes then you have come to the right place on the internet because this entire website and list of articles is solely dedicated to the best American authors of the 20th century and we are going to talk about what has made these authors so iconic and why their stories are so great to so many different people and have overcome the critical process that all pieces of great literature must go through in order to have been decided upon to be a classic story like so many of the stories we are going to talk about have become.


So for our very first great American author we are going to talk about the person who arguably created the great American novel that will always be remembered and revered among our culture for as long as there is an American culture, and that story is The Great Gatsby. There’s something about this story that connects with all Americans because it shows a time period in our country when the American Dream was so strong and people were doing illegal things and going far distances just to make it big in period when making money was finally really possible for a lot of people. It also is obviously a very interesting love story that everyone can connect to, and especially the idea of the one who got away. Everyone has a man or woman who got away from them at some point in their lives, and a lot of people who lost someone in a similar way to Gatsby understand that looking back into the past is really tough and wanting to go back to the way things were is something that motivates millions. Of course the writer who wrote The Great Gatsby is F. Scott Fitzgerald, and he really was an interesting individual who wrote a lot of great stories and had this unbelievable ability to write so poetically and with such vigor that it would captivate a reader very easily. He also died before he could see Gatsby turn into the classic that it is today.











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